Covid-19 rules for Christmas

  • All four UK nations have now agreed that up to three households will be allowed to form a “Christmas Bubble” enabling them to meet up indoors and stay overnight during a five-day Christmas period between 23rd and 27th December. Meeting up will also be possible in places of worship and in gardens and outdoor spaces.
  • There will be no limit on the number of people in each household who are part of the Christmas Bubble but it is important to note that once formed, the bubble cannot be changed –  for example, you will not be able to mix with two households on Christmas Day and two different households on Boxing Day.
  • If you have previously formed a support bubble (in England) with another household, you can still join with two further households in a Christmas Bubble.
  • Travel restrictions across the four nations will be suspended, allowing people to visit families in other parts of the UK and it will be possible to travel to areas in all three tiers.
  • You will not be allowed to go to pubs, bars restaurants or entertainment venues with your bubble.

We strongly recommend that for full details of forming a Christmas Bubble you have a look at the government’s communication released the morning which can be seen here: –
Making a Christmas bubble with friends and family – GOV.UK (

Welcome though this news may be to many people, the leaders of the four nations stressed that ‘the virus doesn’t know it’s Christmas’ and asked people to think carefully about what they do to keep the risk of increased transmission low. In a joint statement, they said: ‘Even where it is within the rules, meeting with friends and family over Christmas will be a personal judgement for individuals to take, mindful of the risks to themselves and others, particularly those who are vulnerable. Before deciding to come together over the festive period we urge the consideration of alternative approaches such as the use of technology or meeting outside.’

To quote Boris Johnson, ‘T’is the season to be jolly careful’

The final piece in the jigsaw (for this week at least) will be made known on Thursday when the government will determine the local restriction tier each area will go into on 2nd December when the current lockdown ends – and how areas move between the tiers thereafter. These arrangements will then apply up to and including 22nd December, be suspended during the Christmas Bubble period, and will resume on 28th December. The Christmas easing of restrictions will not be repeated for the New Year celebrations – even in Scotland.

We will post again once the details regarding the tiers are made known.