Caring… the Bury way

Caring… the Bury way

Some gentle village dos and don’ts

Bury village etiquetteBury is a caring community and residents are thoughtful about their neighbours. It is one of the aspects of the village that make it special. So here are a few gentle reminders of village dos and don’ts which respect your fellow residents.

Burning issues
It’s an old countryside tradition but smoke from bonfires can damage people’s health, pollute the atmosphere and worsen air quality. What’s more, it can ruin people’s wash day. Shredding and composting is a green alternative, as are Chichester District Council’s green bins.

Park that habit
As in many villages, parking can be challenging in Bury. But please do not park with your wheels astride footpaths. They are there for the safety of pedestrians, many of whom in the village are elderly, infirm or mums with pushchairs who should not be forced to walk in the road unnecessarily.

Also, please take care not to park on a bend, resulting in drivers being forced into the path of any unseen approaching traffic.

Burgeoning boundaries
Everyone in the village loves to see gardens thriving. But please ensure that where there is a public footpath outside your property, your perimeter planting does not make it difficult to walk by (with a pushchair perhaps!) without stepping into the road.

20’s plenty!
No matter how frenetic your day may seem, it’s not a reason to drive too fast through a village with limited footpaths, where children and the elderly are out and about. Quite honestly, 30mph is too fast and 20’s plenty. Just breathe deeply and take a few moments longer. Everybody benefits.

Mind that child!
During normal term times, Bury schoolchildren are dropped off by bus in the afternoons at the top of The Street. Most have to cross the road to access the footpath. So drivers, please go slowly and take great care.

Dark thoughts
Parishioners are reminded that we are lucky enough to live in a ”dark skies” conservation area and we should ensure that there is minimal light spill from windows, patio and security lights. External lights are of particular concern and should be shaded and  operated by movement sensors on a timer.

Keep it quiet
The parish is first and foremost a tranquil community. So when you are out and about, perhaps heading for the river bank to unwind, remember that people in nearby houses value their peace and quiet.

In Fido’s footsteps
Bury is a community of dog lovers. And the vast majority value their village and environment and deal sensibly with dog waste. The parish has two dog waste bins, at the village crossroads and at the Wharf. As for those who put their dog waste in a plastic bag and then inexplicably leave it amid nature where it will remain for 500 years, three words will suffice: Just don’t. Ever.

You can all join in!
Bury is a warm and friendly community and a glance around these pages will reveal there’s a lot going on, from plant shows, coffee mornings and ballet classes to amateur theatrics, Christmas lunches and village cricket. So do join in, you’ll be made very welcome.

Love your local(s)
Please support local businesses such as Turner’s garage, Charlie’s farm shop, Hillside Nurseries and The Squire And Horse pub when possible. They play a vital community role and reduce the cost and environmental harm of travelling further afield.

Waste not want not
In the midst of an environmental crisis, we must all do our bit. So please minimise what goes into your ‘grey’ bin and ensure you have properly sorted everything that qualifies for the  recycling bin, so that as a community we are doing all we can. In truth, zero waste is the goal we should all be aiming for!

Bugged by litter?
On the whole, Bury’s residents are careful not to litter their community. One area where litter does accumulate, however, is near the A29, particularly close to the bus stops. So when waiting for a bus, do remember to put the environment first. If you would like to volunteer for any litter picking working parties, please let the parish clerk know.