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Reference: SDNP/20/05736/FUL

Date: 17th February 2021

Proposal: Replacement/new timber cladding at high level to main school hall with a maintenance free engineered horizontal cladding board.

Address: Bury Ce Aided Primary School West Burton Lane Bury RH20 1HB

Parish Council Decision: Support

Local Planning Authority Decision: Approved


Reference: SDNP/20/00759/HOUS

Date: 8th March 2021

Proposal: Proposed rear extension and conversion of existing double garage into a gym and guest accommodation, along with reinstating former outdoor swimming pool.

Address: Black Dog And Duck The Street Bury RH20 1PA

Parish Council Decision: Neutral

Bury Parish Council voted to remain neutral on this application subject to the following conditions:

1. Electrochromic glass is used for any building glazes in order to reduce light emission and conserve Bury’s Dark Night Skies.

2. A lighting impact assessment is submitted detailing measures on how any outside lighting will be reduced in order to conserve Bury’s Dark Night Skies.

3. The use of the gym and guest house remain ancillary to the main dwelling.

The Council is concerned about light emission from this property as it resides in the heart of the village and any light spill will have a significant negative impact on neighbouring houses.

Local Planning Authority Decision: Approved


Reference SDNP/21/00735/HOUS

Date: 15th March 2021

Address: Jessamine Cottage Church Lane Bury Pulborough West Sussex RH20 1PB

Proposal: Garage and garden store. Amendment to design certificated under SDNP/20/03550/LDE.

Parish Council Decision: Neutral

Planning Authority Decision: Pending


Reference: SDNP/20/04090/LIS and SDNP/20/04089/HOUS

Date: 15th March 2021

Address: Cokes Barn West Burton Road West Burton RH20 1HD

Proposal: Alterations to the listed dwelling including new rooflight (amended).

Parish Council Decision: Neutral

Planning Authority Decision: Pending


Reference: SDNP/20/05752/CND

Date: TBC

Proposal: Erection of outbuilding to provide home office and glazed link. Variation of condition 2 of planning permission SDNP/20/01479/HOUS. Changes to approved drawings- amended setting out and roof design.

Address: White Webbs Cottage Church Lane Bury RH20 1PB

Parish Council Decision: The parish council objects to the application as the proposal would result in an ad hoc addition which is unsympathetic to, and detracts from, the architectural integrity of the host dwelling. It would also extend the dwelling further to its boundary thereby creating a terracing effect that would be detrimental to the street scene which is characterised by buildings punctuated by generous spacing.

Local Planning Authority Decision: Pending