Broadband upgrade for Bury Parish

In October last year BPC decided to investigate the potential for improving broadband speeds within our community. We would like to thank those Parishioners who expressed an interest in this feasibility study. It was this initial interest that allowed us to get the ball rolling. We approached two suppliers from the list approved by The Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport for an indicative offer. The process then allows a chosen supplier to apply for grants in the form of vouchers from both Government and WSCC, greatly assisting with the cost of the upgrade. We have just received such an offer from OpenReach which gives us some cause for optimism.

Although the current voucher scheme is set to expire 31st March 2021, unfortunately the Government has stopped service providers, including OpenReach, from making any new applications to the current voucher scheme. This is disappointing, however news of a new voucher scheme is anticipated soon and once details are released, we can work with Openreach to assess how it will assist our application.

Next steps – the good news is that OpenReach have now assigned a Rural Engagement Manager to our application which should enable us to make some progress, as there is clearly a lot more work to do. Our aim is to seek clarification on certain aspects of our application and to prepare for any new voucher scheme when it goes live.

To view a Frequently Asked Questions document created by OpenReach please see here: –

As soon as we have more news, we will make a further announcement.

Improvement in broadband speed in Bury

In Bury and West Burton, some parishioners suffer with poor broadband speed and Bury Parish Council have been exploring ways to improve these for you.  The Government is currently offering grants to upgrade, but in order to access these we need expressions of interest from parishioners who wish to find out more.  In short, if there are insufficient interested parishioners then suppliers won’t be interested in getting involved.

At this stage all we are asking is for interested parishioners to complete the expression of interest form below, which commits you to nothing.  If the project actually went ahead, the provider would expect us to switch to their service for a minimum of 12 months, but that’s a long way off yet.  Initially, all we need to know is who might be interested in knowing more.

If you are, we would be very grateful if you would download the attached form by clicking on the link, fill it in and and return it via the postbox at the village hall or in an email to the Clerk (full email address details on the Home page).

If we do not get enough interested people then we cannot move forward but hope you remember that we did ask!