Bury Green and playground

During the current National Lockdown, Bury Green/Playground can remain open for exercise, subject to visitors observing the rules on meeting with others, social distancing and hygiene etc. Before using the playground, please read the notices displayed on the Bury Parish Council Notice Board outside the village hall and in the hall windows alongside the footpath leading to the playground to familiarise yourself with the conditions of entry/use.

Bury Apple Day

Despite Covid-19 restrictions preventing us from staging Sunday’s Apple Pressing Day in the kind of carnival atmosphere we had envisaged, a number of residents attended, carrying various quantities and varieties of apples including a good collection from Pill Pond orchard.

People were most impressed by the scrater and press and the speed with which their apples were turned into many different flavours of apple juice, some of which was immediately consumed whilst enjoying the sunshine and peaceful surrounding of Bury Green. Some attendees even formed a volunteer force to pick apples from Gwen Squire’s garden, resulting in the production of enough juice to be preserved for use or sale at future village events.

We should like to say a huge vote of thanks to Chris Walker (a friend of Councillor Chris Daykin) for supplying all the equipment and managing the pressing of the apples. We all hope that in 2021 we can once again stage Apple Pressing Day as a proper event!

Apple Day

A reminder that Apple Pressing Day takes place this coming Saturday, 12th September on Bury Green (at the rear of the village hall) between 12 noon and 4.00pm. Please bring along your cooking and eating apples (not rotten or badly bruised!) and sufficient bottles for your juice, plastic if you wish to freeze the juice but we will be offering advice as to how to pasteurise in which case bottles are probably best. As a guide 2kg of apples will yield about I litre of juice. The weather forecast for Saturday looks promising and we look forward to seeing you there although please note that we are obliged to limit the attendance on the Green to 30 people so we may have to ask you to wait your turn elsewhere!

Could residents please ensure that the village hall car park is kept free on 12th September.