Refurbishment of Bury Village Hall update

Bury Parish Council is delighted that we have been awarded a grant of £100,000 by the South Downs National Park Authority (SDNPA) towards the cost of refurbishing the village hall in line with our submitted plans, as approved by the overwhelming majority of parishioners who voted for the scheme. This grant is a huge boost for our fundraising plans and is the result of over 12 months’ work by Parish Councillors (both past and present) as well as our Parish Clerk. The application was submitted in January 2023 which gives an idea of how long these processes can take, when it might look from the outside like nothing much is going on. The grant also demonstrates that the SDNPA recognises our plans as a good and much-needed investment, which has been very encouraging for us and stands us in good stead for continued fundraising efforts – especially as further funding will be easier to secure with one large grant already pledged from SDNPA. In 2024, our fundraising will continue apace while our submitted planning application for the refurbishment of the village hall runs its course with the SDNPA. We will, of course, keep parishioners up to date with all developments in 2024.

As previously advised, Bury Parish Council have submitted an application to the South Downs National Park Authority for planning permission for the village hall refurbishment. To access the various documents submitted in support of the application, search on this page:

using the reference SDNP/23/04410/FUL.