Finger Post Signs – The Return!

Earlier this year we reported that the historic black and white WSCC finger post signs at various road junctions throughout the parish, which are listed in our Neighbourhood Development Plan as Parish Heritage Assets, were in urgent need of restoration. Financial pressures faced by County Councils leave no scope for the maintenance of these iconic signs so that upkeep and repair falls upon parish councils and volunteer groups. Consequently, Bury Parish Council agreed to fund the repair of six signs in all with the work being carried out over by the summer. Unfortunately, supply issues in obtaining the necessary materials led to a delay in the completion of the project.

Thankfully, the signs are now on the way to being reinstalled –  Cllr Chris Daykin reports that, “many of you will have noticed the return of the refurbished black and white finger post signs at various locations throughout the parish, but most notably in The Square, Bury. Completion of the outstanding signs is expected shortly, except for those with a missing circle top, which are proving difficult to source with a suitable connection – enquiries are ongoing, and we are hopeful of resolving the problem soon”.

Finger post signs