Bury and West Burton Volunteers: Autumn Social Evening and Apple Pressing Day 2022

The success of last year, prompted a repeat of the Social Evening on Friday followed by Apple Pressing Day on Saturday, organised and run by Bury and West Burton Volunteers.

Friday’s Social evening with wine, beer and barbecue enhanced by flaming fire pits, lights and music was a great success despite the heavy shower of rain part way through. The drinkers, not deterred by the rain, simply huddled under the marquee (kindly donated to the village by the late Chris Briggs), and continued their chat!

Apple pressing

Saturday’s apple pressing was complemented by glorious weather and loads of apples! The efforts of the team yielded approximately 250 litres of juice all of which was taken away for drinking, freezing or making into cider by those who joined us. This was accompanied by cakes, tea, coffee and home-made hot sausage rolls as well as the inevitable bar.

The cider we made from last year’s Bury apples was on hand to taste and/or take away (for a small donation), and was all consumed on the day. This raised £85 towards the overall total.

Apple cake

In addition, we were able to run a small raffle where the star prize (see picture) was a magnificent apple themed cake made by Victoria, our Bury neighbour from Ukraine, whose skills are amazing. (She’s on 07519 724831.)

Finally, a great big thank you to all the BWBV volunteers and other friends, who worked so hard and of course also to all who came along and joined us. Let’s do it again in 2023!!!

Although the main purpose of the two days, was to spend time together and ensure we put as many apples as possible to good use, we also made a profit of just over £350, which will go to the Village Hall refurbishment fund.

From the ‘core’ team!!!

Tom, Chris and Judith  🙂

Apple day

Apple juice and cider