Fantastic opportunity to tackle A29 motorbike noise. Your action needed now!

Exciting news for all Bury residents troubled by roaring motorbike noise caused by a minority of bikers who race illegally up and down Bury Hill, wrecking the peace of our village, particularly over summer weekends. This is an ever growing problem that has troubled our community for over 20 years.

Now, our MP Andrew Griffith, with help from our county councillor Tom Richardson, is putting together an application for Bury Hill to be one of only four sites in a national trial of a new generation of acoustic cameras to counter anti social road behaviour.

Recognising the unique problems that Bury suffers in this respect, Mr Griffith has asked for as many letters of support for his application as possible from within the Bury community and Bury Parish Councillors would urge all residents to add their voice to our MP’s to help ensure this application is successful.

However, it is urgent as the deadline for applications is looming and Mr Griffith would like emails of support to be lodged with him by the end of this week.

As you will probably know, BPC and more latterly the Bury A29 Road Improvement Committee have been campaigning for years on this matter and the chance of being one of just four sites in a national trial specifically targeting anti-social road use is a fantastic opportunity.

Please feel free to express your opinion and experience of anti-social road noise from Bury Hill as this will all add greatly to the weight of our application. However, if you only have time to write a brief note, that’s better than nothing at all. Finally, please mention this to all your friends and neighbours, seeking their letters of support too.

Hopefully, with our MP’s help, we can get this application over the line!

Please send your emails to  for forwarding to Andrew Griffith. Don’t delay folks!