Bury Apple Pressing & Social Day 14th October

We’re delighted to include this report on Bury’s Apple Pressing and Social Day from Judith Daykin:

Despite the very rainy start to setting up and erecting the marquee on Friday, Saturday brought us lovely sunshine for our Apple Pressing Day as usual, organised and run by Bury and West Burton Volunteers.

Though a lot of people did not have a good crop this year, we received loads of apples! The efforts of the team yielded approximately 250 litres of juice all of which was taken away for drinking, freezing or making into cider by those who wished.

Chris & Chris

The two Chris’s

Meanwhile as we were beautifully entertained by Duncan McKenzie throughout the day, the BBQ, homemade Apple Pie, tea, coffee and of course bar, meant lunch was on hand!

The cider made from last year’s Bury apples was also available to taste or keep (for a small donation) and a lot was consumed on the day. This, along with the donations for pressing raised approximately £150 towards the overall total.

The process…And the product!

The main purpose of the day, was to spend time together and ensure we put as many apples as possible to good use, not to raise money, and we didn’t quite cover our costs, until…

At the end, Andrew and Sue Aldridge kindly came in and saved the day by their generous contribution to pay for the musician, Duncan.

Thank you!

Bar volunteers

Our bar and cider-selling volunteers

Chris harvesting apples

Chris Daykin harvesting apples for pressing at Pill Pond