Bury A29 Road Improvement Committee update

We recently reported on the mini-conference held at Bury Village Hall and jointly chaired by our MP Andrew Griffith and Road Improvement Committee (RIC) Chair John Sunderland. It was attended by 18 influential professionals and representatives who were asked to take a collaborative and collegiate approach to helping resolve the issues associated with the A29 as it passes through Bury.

Subsequently, the RIC submitted to Matt Davey the Director of Highways, Transport & Planning at West Sussex County Council their Community Highways Scheme which is designed to prevent fatalities and accidents and discourage anti-social and dangerous driving on the A29. The scheme proposes a number of measures including a reduction in the speed limit to 40mph through Bury and on Bury Hill and the removal of the centre lane (the outside lane southbound up the hill).

It was extremely encouraging to receive recently from Andrew Griffith a copy of this letter he had sent to Matt Davey giving his full support to the RIC’s scheme.