Boat Launching at Bury Wharf

Following complaints of a boat blocking the wharf steps, and discussions around how to manage the situation, the council was compelled to check where the responsibility lay for boats and trailers stored at The Wharf, which is after all parish-owned land. We now know through advice received, that Bury Parish Council has certain duties in law to protect those who use the wharf, which unfortunately renders the current situation untenable and the council at risk of a claim for loss or injury. The Bury Enclosure Award of 8th November 1854, which is stored at the WSCC Records Office, has been checked and the Council is reasonably certain that it did not allow for storage of boats and equipment.  Consequently, a new Boat Launching Policy has been adopted by the Council which recognises the historic rights of parishioners to launch boats, and deals decisively with the storage of boats, trailers and equipment in line with the Occupiers’ Liability Acts of 1957 and 1984. Fair notice will be given to all parishioners so they may reasonably comply with the policy and remove any property they own from The Wharf.