A29 Road Improvement Committee – A Report from Cllr Paul Whyles

On Saturday, September 24, an open morning was staged at Bury Village Hall by the Bury A29 Road Improvement Committee (BA29RIC) in collaboration with Bury Parish Council, to display and discuss the BA29RIC’s proposals for improvements to and around the A29. A display of maps and other material was staged by parish councillors Graham Morrison and Paul Whyles, together with the chair of the BA29RIC John Sunderland, who were then on hand to discuss the proposals.

A steady stream of visitors attended, the vast majority of whom expressed enthusiasm and support for the proposals, which seek not only to lessen the impact of speeding and anti-social road behaviour on the A29 as it passes through Bury but also to transform the environs of the A29 within Bury so that it is seen as an integral and attractive part of a community, indeed a ‘Gateway to the Downs’, and not a convenient bypass.

Most members of Bury Parish Council also attended the morning, helping to serve refreshments and joining discussions. Our district councillor Alan Sutton was also in attendance.

The positive feedback received during the morning as well as numerous emails lodged in support of Bury’s recent application to be included in a proposed trial of acoustic speed cameras, represent overwhelming local support for BA29RIC’s proposals.

The intention now is for BA29RIC and Bury Parish Council to begin liaison with stakeholder agencies such as the South Downs Nation Park Authority, West Sussex County Council, Sussex Police and many others, to seek consensus on how to best achieve the proposals. Further updates will follow. Meanwhile, if you would like to support the work of the Bury A29 Road Improvement Committee, you can drop an email to: