Why Bury hopes to be at the forefront of WSCC’s new speed limit policy

Our County Councillor Tom Richardson writes: ‘At last, after months of work, the new West Sussex Speed Limit Policy that I have been putting together is finally here!’

The announcement reads: ‘West Sussex Conservatives have updated the Council’s speed limit policy which will help vulnerable road users and make active travel choices more attractive in the County. This will include:

  • The intended use of a road will become the key feature in deciding an appropriate speed limit, emphasis will be on the mix of vulnerable road users, such as pedestrians, cyclists, and equestrians first and then motorised traffic.
  • An option for lower speed limits on rural roads, or those used as walking and cycling routes in quieter traffic (known as ‘quiet ways’).
  • Making it easier for 20mph limits to be introduced outside schools, where appropriate, and provides new guidance.
  • Greater flexibility in deciding an appropriate speed limit and opportunity to discuss and debate where it isn’t clear what speed limit is appropriate.’

Tom has been highly supportive of work by Bury Parish Council and the Bury A29 Road Improvement Committee to tackle speeding and anti-social road behaviour in our parish, particularly on the A29.

He is a regular attendee at RIC meetings and it is very much hoped that the new West Sussex Speed Limit Policy will provide an opportunity for Bury to make a case for more sensible speed limits in our parish.

BPC and BA29RIC discussions with Tom are ongoing.