Plant trees… and save the planet

You will be aware of the ever-increasing calls for us to do what we can to combat climate change by cutting our carbon emissions. One way that we can help is to plant trees and/or hedging as they store carbon that we emit when using fossil fuels for heating our homes, car use etc. As part of this initiative, Chichester District Council have appointed a project officer to assist councils and individuals by offering advice on what and where to plant and linking applicants with available funding. New trees must be planted outside existing woodland and can range from small numbers of trees through to new woodland blocks.
The parish council is very supportive of this scheme and indeed any measures to mitigate our carbon emissions, so if you have an area that you think could be suitable, even just a corner of a garden that might take a single tree, please either contact  (07548 175226) or follow the link direct to the Chichester District Council web page at

Another potential source to approach could be EFORESTS who will provide free trees to wildlife trusts, community woodlands and farms as well as private landowners. Normally they would supply a minimum of 200 trees for projects but they state they can be fairly flexible. For further information, the link to their website can be seen here: –