Lady Emma Barnard
HM LordLieutenant of West Sussex

This solemn day is one of profound sadness, as news of the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the
Second goes out across the world. It is a milestone in our history, and it marks the gentle and dignified
close of the longest reign of any monarch this country has ever known.

She was part of us all, held fast in the hearts of millions of people with the deepest respect, admiration
and, above all, love. I know that I speak for so many when I express my heartfelt gratitude for her, for
her selfless and steadfast service to her people, for all she did for us and for the world, and for the
extraordinary example she set. Her memory will endure. May she rest in peace.

My thoughts and my prayers are with all the members of the Royal Family, as well as with Her late
Majesty’s staff and household. I have sent a private message of condolence to the Royal Family on
behalf of the people of West Sussex.

In particular, my thoughts and prayers are with The King, as he prepares for his Coronation and for the
days to come. I hope and believe that he and his family will be sustained in their grief by the deep
affection that will be shown for his mother as she is laid to rest, and that he will be strengthened by
this as he takes his place as our Monarch and a new chapter of our history is born.

God save the King.