News from your parish council

BPC Council Meeting 15th March 2021
The draft minutes of the meeting of Bury Parish Council held on the 15th March have been posted on the council’s website and can be accessed here. Plans showing the proposed development of the Hillside Nurseries site accompany the minutes.

Planning Application Decisions
The following decisions affecting applications in the parish have been notified by the South Downs National Park Authority:

SDNP/20/00759/HOUS & LIS: Conversion of existing double garage into a gym and guest accommodation, link attachment and reinstatement of former outdoor swimming pool. Black Dog and Duck, The Street, Bury, RH20 1PA:  APPROVED

SDNP/20/05794/HOUS & LISReplacement roof, doors and windows to conservatory: Hoeland House, Bury Road, Bury, RH20 1NJ: APPROVED

Dog Fouling in the Parish
Unfortunately, this problem persists and certain dog owners are still continuing to allow dogs to foul footpaths and verges without clearing up after them despite the provision of dog mess bins at the crossroads (The Square) and at the Wharf. Dog mess is dangerous and a health hazard both to humans and other animals and can, for example, cause toxocariasis which can cause damage to the eye and, in some cases, blindness. Young children will be more at risk as they are more likely to come into contact with the faeces and not realise the dangers. Dogs can become infected with Neospora after eating the afterbirth of an infected cow. If an infected dog’s waste is left in fields it can also pass worms and parasites to sheep and cattle causing them to miscarry.

We urge those dog owners responsible for this menace to clear up their dog’s mess and would remind them that failing to do so is against the law. Chichester District Council Enforcement have powers to impose a fine of £100 for the offence and if a fine is not paid, the case goes to court and could result in a maximum penalty of £1,000.