Dorset House School and village traffic

We are pleased to reproduce below a message from Matt Thomas, Headmaster of Dorset House School in Bury, in which he addresses the issue of increased traffic volumes in the village following the reopening of the school earlier this month. As you will see, there is an invitation for parishioners to receive information on future school events and Matt also mentions the speed awareness project the children are currently working on: –

As with all schools, we were so pleased to be able to welcome the children back to Dorset House on Monday 8th March – after a three-month absence. 

We realise that the children’s return has caused some issues for Bury residents due to the increase in traffic and I wanted to apologise for this and to explain why the lanes have been busier than usual. 

Due to the Covid situation, we have not been able to run our three minibuses or have boarders at school.  This has meant that all our children have had to be brought to school by their parents every day.  It is our intention to re-introduce minibuses and boarding as soon as we are able and this will hopefully be from the beginning of the summer term (which starts on Monday 19thApril). This will have a noticeable impact on the number of cars driving through the village.

Whilst nothing is perfect, we regularly reflect on the measures we employ to manage traffic at school and will continue to do so.  We value our good relationship with the community and will continue to regularly remind parents of the need to drive considerately through the village.

During a recent meeting with Bury Parish Council, it was suggested that residents might like to know when events are happening at school and we are very happy to provide this information.  Should you wish to be informed of dates or if you have any questions, please contact Sarah O’Brien at

We are working on a `Twenty is Plenty’ campaign together with BPC and we look forward to sharing news of this shortly.

With best wishes,
Matt Thomas, Headmaster – Dorset House School