Dog waste bin changes

The two dog bins in the Parish, located at the end of Church Lane and by the fingerpost sign at the crossroads, will shortly be removed as dog waste can be disposed of in the two black litter bins located nearby. The reason for the removal of the dog bins is because it will save the Council approximately £800 per year which we feel could be better used elsewhere within the parish. Therefore, once they have gone, please do remember to continue to clean up after your dog and dispose of any waste in the litter bins. There will be stickers on the litter bins to remind you that these can be used for dog waste. Chichester District Council will be increasing collections of the litter bins to account for the additional waste so there should be no issue with overflow. However, this is something that they will monitor in the first few weeks.

Also, a message from our local farmers:

A reminder to dog owners to please, please pick up after your dogs, **not only when walking on public roads but also when walking in fields**.
Dog mess is really dangerous and a health hazard, not just to humans – dog faeces left in fields causes disease in livestock which can result in the death of sheep and cause cows to miscarry.
So please pick up after your dog at all times and put the bags in your own black bin or those provided by the Parish Council in public spaces. ** PLEASE DON’T LEAVE BAGS OF POO LYING AROUND, even if the bag is supposed to be biodegradable!! **