Bloomin’ great… it’s the Flower Show this Saturday!

A reminder that completed entry forms for exhibitors at the Bury, West Burton &District Horticultural Society’s Flower Show should be submitted to or hand deliver to Chris Flower, High Dyke, Church Lane, Bury RH20 1PB by Thursday 17 March 2022. Entrance to the village hall for staging exhibits will take place on the morning of the show between 9.30 and 10.45am.

The hall will be open from 3pm to 4pm on Saturday for viewing of the exhibits and presentation of prizes – refreshments will be available along with the opportunity to win a prize in the raffle. The Horticultural Society look forward to welcoming exhibitors and visitors alike on the 19th and if you would like further information about the Horticultural Society and its events for this year, please contact Gill Labarte by phone on 01798-831174 or email