Better Broadband – Important Update

A message from Richard Champness, Chair of Bury Parish Council and Community Lead for Broadband:

A quick update while we are all waiting to order a connection to the Full Fibre or FTTP service. Many of you who are Gigabit Voucher Holders have reported receiving emails and letters from Openreach requiring that you order the new service. I am not aware that anyone has managed to connect as yet because the service providers (e.g. BT) are either unable to accept an order or are cancelling appointments to make the connection.

My suggestion is that those of you who have received such emails from Openreach, should email  with your name and address, and explain what happens when you attempt to order the Full Fibre service.

The best way to contact me if you have any questions is by email: –

I have been in touch with our MP Andrew Griffith, to request his assistance on this important issue.

As we go to press….
Openreach seem to have responded to my request for improved communication to all voucher holders by emailing a holding message. Essentially, they are carrying out additional checks to see where the problem is and will update us all in July.