Anti-Social Road Behaviour

We had an amazing response to the request for letters of support for Bury Hill to be included in national acoustic camera trials.

Last week, we told you that our MP Andrew Griffith was assembling an application for Bury Hill to become one of four sites for new national trials of acoustic cameras to tackle noisy, anti-social road behaviour. Your parish council asked that residents send in letters of support for the application and we are delighted to announce that BPC’s clerk Mike Simpson has passed on more than 90 such emails of support to Mr Griffith’s Westminster office.

This is a fantastic figure and well and truly demonstrates the scale of public concern within our community over anti-social road behaviour on Bury Hill. A huge thank-you to each and every person who found the time to submit their letters. Mr Griffith has been assisted in assembling the application by a number of parties, including Bury Parish Council, the Bury A29 Road Improvement Committee, our county councillor Tom Richardson and our district councillor Alan Sutton.

Other letters of support have been received from the Sussex Chief Constable Jo Shiner, other senior police officers and our Police and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne. We very much hope that their assembled voices, together with a huge feedback from Bury residents will help win the argument for Bury Hill to be included in the trials.

Mr Griffith intends to deliver the completed application in person to the Department for Transport next week.

Meanwhile, if you would like to be more involved in the campaign to tackle Bury’s long-standing problem of anti-social road behaviour on the A29, why not offer your support to the Bury A29 Road Improvement Committee, a community-based action group dedicated to exploring ways of tackling the problem and liaising with police and other stakeholders? You can email them at:

At the recent Annual Parish Meeting, the action group distributed a flyer describing the campaign and its objectives, a copy of which can be seen here.