A29 road closure (Pulborough) meeting, 27th February

There is still no indication of when the A29 at Church Hill in Pulborough might open, following the landslide in late December. However, a meeting is being held on Monday 27th February at 6.00pm in Pulborough Village Hall, to be attended by officers and councillors from West Sussex County Council, Horsham District Council and Pulborough Parish Council. The meeting will be designed to update everyone with the steps taken so far, and to be taken for the reopening of the road to be made possible. A potential timetable of repairs will be discussed and risks to that timetable explained. In addition, steps taken to mitigate in part the economic damage to the local economy will be covered by Horsham District Council.

Although clearly the road closure has mainly affected Pulborough based residents and businesses, Pulborough Parish Council recognise that the situation has likely had some impact on neighbouring communities too – consequently Bury parishioners are invited to attend should they wish.

Here’s further information on the meeting.