Roads – Winter Management Plan

As this is the time of year when adverse weather could affect driving conditions on the trunk and minor roads in and around Bury, here is a reminder on the current winter maintenance programme for the West Sussex roads network…

During winter snow and ice conditions, gritting and snow clearance of the county’s trunk roads such as the A27, A23 and M23 is the responsibility of Highways England.

The role of West Sussex County Council’s Highways Division is to keep the county’s other key primary routes and roads of local importance safe and passable during bad weather. The Precautionary Salting Network is 1,600km of roads, divided into Priority roads and will include the A29 through Bury.

Priority 1. Primary Roads (as defined in the West Sussex Local Transport Plan), approaches to Hospitals, Ambulance and other Emergency Services.

Priority 2. Remainder of the A and B road network not treated as Priority 1.

Priority 3. All other roads that make up the Precautionary Salting Network that is not a Priority 1 or 2.

It is not possible for West Sussex Highways to grit or clear snow from all other roads, footways or cycle ways so parishes such as Bury are provided with a number of roadside salt bins enabling residents to spread road salt at strategic places such as inclines and junctions. Bury Parish Council has four salt bins available to residents to use on roads and pavements within the parish. The bins can be found in the following locations:

  • Grevatts, Hale Hill, West Burton
  • West Burton near the noticeboard
  • Near the Squire & Horse, The Street, Bury, RH 20 1PF
  • Houghton Lane, Bury, near The Square

Bury Parish Council provides the salt bins but will not direct anyone to use them. Any individual using the salt/grit will be acting on their own initiative and this action will be entirely at their own risk. It is recommended that the following equipment is used when spreading the salt/grit: – a high visibility vest/jacket, warm gloves, sturdy non-slip waterproof footwear, warm clothing, a snow shovel and a fully charged mobile phone. If you are working alone, always contact someone when starting and finishing.

When applied, the salt/grit mix forms a brine solution which freezes at a lower temperature than rainwater and grit helps provide traction when spread on top of compacted snow and ice. The mix can therefore be used as a precautionary measure on snow and ice.

WSCC recommends a spread rate of approximately 20 grams of salt / grit per square metre when hand salting, which is a very small amount (about a fist size).  Please use it sparingly as it can be damaging to the environment. Although salt / grit can be spread effectively with shovels, care is required to ensure over salting does not occur. A printed notice containing these guidelines can be found inside each salt bin.

Further information on the Winter Management Plan.