Road works on Bury Hill

From August 16 to August 20, West Sussex County Council is proposing to carry out traffic sign replacement and road marking reapplication works on Bury Hill where the two southbound traffic lanes merge into one. The works are intended to heighten awareness of the road layout at Bury Hill’s summit through revised siting of larger bend and road narrows warning signs.

The opportunity is also being taken to apply double continuous white lines through the merging length to replace the current centre line markings that permit southbound vehicles to overtake there.

Temporary lane closures with contraflow working plus a temporary 40mph speed limit will be necessary to safely carry out these works. Temporary traffic signals will be necessary for one day while road marking works are carried out.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Why does  this work have to take place?
A. This scheme originated from concerns raised about the number of recorded road traffic collisions at this location.
Q. What will the benefits be once it is finished?
A. The improved signing and road markings are intended to heighten driver awareness of the lane merging at the top of Bury Hill and reduce the likelihood of road traffic collisions at this location.
Q. Will any roads be closed during the works?
A. No.
Q. What time of day will the work take place?
A. Works will take place between 0800hrs and 1700hrs daily.
Q. What disruption can motorists expect?
A. Increased journey times should be expected caused by the use of temporary lane closures with contraflow working, a temporary 40mph speed limit and temporary traffic signals – the last for one day only.
Q. What disruption can pedestrians expect?
A. Pedestrian access, where it exists, will be maintained and managed.
Q. Why have you chosen to do this at this time of year?
A. The working window for carrying out this work is extremely limited owing to other works in the area which may conflict with this scheme.
Q. Could weather impact the proposed works?
A. Weather conditions can have an impact on the scheme’s delivery, particularly during periods of inclement weather, as wet weather can prevent the application of road markings.
Q: How do I report a fault or problem on the highway?
The most effective way to report a fault or problem on the highway is to use our reporting application – Love West Sussex. For full information:
Q. What is Love West Sussex?
A. The Love West Sussex website and app allow you to inform us of any highway issues such as potholes, overgrown vegetation,
damaged kerbs, footpaths, and verges, which you come across in the county. Using the Love West Sussex website or app you will be able to check on the progress of your report and any work being undertaken.
For full information go to:
Q. How do I contact West Sussex Highways?
A. If you have any queries on the day regarding how the works are being carried out near you, then please feel free to ask to the on-site Site Supervisor who is normally best placed to address your concerns. However, if you would prefer to speak to someone about how or why the works are being carried out then please contact us via the West Sussex County Council Contact Centre on 01243 642105 or via the WSCC website: