On Monday 7th December, Councillors voted to object to this application based on the following reasons:

  1. There was no requirement for such a site in Bury and therefore would not be used by residents. Instead, it would attract people from outside the village and lead to a harmful increase in traffic and parking on a narrow road (Houghton Lane) and contravene Policy 12 (the small business economy) of the Bury Neighbourhood Plan.
  2. The proposal would provide an area for walking/training anti-social dogs and therefore contravene Policy 14 (tranquillity) of the Bury Neighbourhood Plan as it would negatively impact the relative tranquillity of the parish.
  3. There is no demand from residents for this site as there are several well used dog walking routes in and around the village such as Lord’s Piece, which is only a short distance away. Therefore, the change in use and development on agricultural land would be unfounded and contravene Policy 12 of the Bury Neighbourhood Plan.
  4. The development would seek to erect fencing, car parking, pathways and buildings, which would adversely affect the distinctive character and views of the surrounding landscape and contravene Policy 13 (Landscape and Views) of the Bury Neighbourhood Plan.