News from Bury school

Thomas Moore, head teacher at Bury School, has kindly invited residents to take part in a special event being organised to bring a little cheer into our lives during these rather gloomy times and writes as follows: –
“Before Christmas I had the intention of trying to share some live singing – unfortunately, the second lockdown and a stretched staff meant that had to be abandoned. However, we are now looking to offer something a little different. We are hoping to provide a singalong with our music teacher, Mr Mott. This will be traditional local folk songs and is very much an offer to the community rather than to the children here at school (although I dare say some will follow it). All anyone needs to do is click on the link Sussex Folk with Bury CE Primary 4pm Thursday Jan 28th. It will only be for half an hour – we’ve never attempted it before so are hoping it works. We have an in-school dry run with staff this Thursday. Our aim is to provide a little connection for people in a time when people are not getting to socialise”.