MP’s Westminster initiative over anti-social driving/riding

As you will recall from previous reports, our local MP Andrew Griffith has been extremely active in his efforts to help find a permanent solution to the problem of anti-social behaviour on our local roads. Andrew is now taking his campaign to the House of Commons and later this month will present a new Bill – The Vehicle Registration Offences (Penalty Points) Bill. Here is an extract from Andrew’s own newsletter providing more detail: –

Introducing a new Bill on Vehicle Registration Offences

Regular readers will know that I have been persistently working with agencies such as Sussex Police to make the roads of West Sussex safer as well as crack down on the minority of anti-social motorcyclists and car drivers whose noise causes real frustration to residents as they treat local A-roads in areas such as Petworth, Wisborough Green and Bury as their personal race track from dawn to dusk.

Following the concerted efforts of Operation Downsway over the summer months, my campaign now moves to Parliament and later this month I will be presenting a new Bill in the Commons to close a current loophole in the law. Currently, there is a clear pattern of deliberate behaviour by a small but dangerous minority of road users using illegal ‘show plates’ with small or non-standard fonts that cannot be read from a distance or by many speed cameras.

These anti-social drivers and motorcyclists defy speed limits and cameras with only moderate consequences: the probability of a £100 fine if they are stopped by the police. This is seen as an acceptable risk by certain owners of performance motorbikes and sports cars. However, points on their driving licence leading to higher insurance premiums and ultimately disqualification would be a much greater deterrent. The Bill is called ‘The Vehicle Registration Offences (Penalty Points) Bill’ and I hope that it will be supported by all right-thinking residents and Parliamentarians alike.

Andrew Griffith MP