Coronavirus update

National Vaccine Update
More than 32 million people in the UK have now had their first dose of a Coronavirus vaccine and more than 7.6 million their second. The Government have announced that with all people over 50, together with those in high risk groups in the UK, having now been offered a first dose, the target of offering a first dose to the top nine priority groups by 15th April has now been met. The UK is still on track to offer a first dose to all adults by the end of July, with those in their late 40s expected to be next in England.

Local Vaccination Update
Pulborough Medical Group are now offering the second Astra Zeneca vaccination for patients who had their first dose prior to 26th February. They are also offering first dose Astra Zeneca vaccinations for all patients aged between 45 and 50. PMG will be contacting all eligible patients but you can phone the surgery on 01798 872815 (Option 1) to book an appointment. For more information please see here.
The latest information for patients at the Arundel Surgery can be found here.

Getting Tested for Coronavirus
As reported in a previous Newsletter, with effect from April 9th, as part of the Government’s drive to encourage people who do not have Coronavirus symptoms to get tested, symptom-free COVID-19 test kits that can be used at home are now available, free of charge. Test kits can be ordered from the Government website, be collected from community sites and test sites across West Sussex, or if preferred, you can book an assisted test and visit participating pharmacies and test sites. For more information, please see h ere.

Roadmap to ease lockdown – step 2 w.e.f. 12th April
Last week we provided a brief summary of the changes being implemented under Step 2. The Government have now published full guidance as to how these changes will operate across a wide spectrum of settings, venues, activities etc. and as there are a number of penalties the police can impose for various breaches of the rules, we would suggest that you might care to browse the guidelines which can be found here:

A quick reference poster has also been produced and can be found here: –

Stay well and keep safe and if you require help with shopping or prescriptions, please contact
Fr. Peter Mallinson (Bury) 839057 or Ken & Diana Rowsell (West Burton) 831475