Coronavirus update

On a national scale, with over 15.5 million first doses having been administered, the UK has now reached the mid-February target of offering a vaccine to everyone in the top four priority groups, which includes NHS frontline staff, care home residents and workers, over-70s, and people deemed clinically extremely vulnerable.

Invitations are currently being issued to those aged between 65 and 69 and the Government’s aim now is by the end of April to vaccinate everyone over the age of 50 and all those aged 16 to 64 with certified underlying health conditions plus adult carers. All those who have had their first dose will receive a second within a 12-week period.

For news of the progress of the vaccines taking place across the Arundel & South Downs constituency please see the special Update from Andrew Griffith MP which can be seen here: – Vaccine Update (

People in the 65-69 age group will now receive a letter from NHS England offering a vaccination at a mass vaccination centre. Chichester District Council have announced that an additional centre at the Westgate Leisure Centre in Chichester is about to be added to the list.

If you are member of the 65-69 age group and are a patient at the Pulborough Medical Group but would prefer not to attend a mass vaccination centre, you can ring PMG now and book an appointment to have your jab at the surgery – please note they will not be contacting these patients. PMG are also offering vaccines to patients aged 16-65 in an “at risk” group and they will be contacting these patients during the coming days. For more details, please see here: –

For an update on vaccinations for patients of the Arundel Surgery, please see here: –

People aged 70 and over who have not yet been vaccinated and would like to, are now able to contact the national booking service directly to arrange an appointment. To do this, people can visit NHS – Covid vaccination(Opens in a new window) or call 119.

For the latest Government guidance on what you can and cannot do under the current National Lockdown: Stay at Home rules, including international travel and booking and staying in a quarantine hotel, please see here: –

National lockdown: Stay at Home – GOV.UK (
In his conference on Monday, the Prime Minister announced that –
next week I will be setting out a roadmap saying as much as we possibly can about the route to normality even though some things are very uncertainBecause we want this lockdown to be the last. And we want progress to
 be cautious but also irreversible. So please continue to stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives”.

Keep well and stay safe. If you require help with shopping or prescriptions please contact:
Fr. Peter Mallinson (Bury) 839057 or Ken & Diana Rowsell (West Burton) 831475