Community minibus: Can you help?

The minibus service runs once a week, on a Thursday morning, covering Bury and West Burton, taking passengers to and from local shopping centres – Chichester, Rustington and Storrington. It is a door-to-door service and operated under a Charity, the West Sussex Community Minibus Association. It is a service much valued by the passengers, most of whom would be unable to make such journeys otherwise and it does provide the opportunity for some all-important social contact between residents.

The service is run entirely by volunteers and is currently in urgent need of some new drivers and escorts. Do you have a few hours a month you could spare to ensure that this vitally important service can continue to be made available to those who so look forward to the weekly outing?

If you can help with the minibus service, please contact Janet Mattey on 01798 839122 for more information.