Climate change and flood risk

Covid-19 apart, 2020 might best be remembered for the glorious late spring (the month of May breaking the record for the sunniest calendar month with 266 hours) and the wonderful summer which made coping with the restrictions of lockdown somewhat more tolerable in our beautiful little corner of Sussex. Prior to lockdown, things were somewhat different – as a country, we experienced the wettest February on record with Storms Ciara and Dennis creating low pressure systems that produced 237% of the average rainfall for February nationwide.

With Autumn upon us, the rains have returned and the Met Office reported that Saturday 3rd October had been the wettest day in the UK since records dating back to 1891, with enough rain falling in a single day to fill Loch Ness! Not surprisingly, last week the Met Office published its latest climate projections predicting that rainfall and high temperature extremes would likely continue to break records that have only just been set.

We in Bury and West Burton are vulnerable to flooding from time to time of course and if it occurs it is the responsibility of the Environment Agency but Bury Parish Council has produced a short leaflet for the guidance of those affected – please see here: –
Bury Parish Council Flood Advice Leaflet

The Environment Agency also produce very useful information in the form of a quick reference flood alert guide which can be accessed here.

If you feel that your property may be vulnerable to flooding you may wish to sign up to the EA’s flood warning service which can warn you by phone, email or text message if your home or business is at risk of flooding. The service is free and can be found here.