Church Lane, Bury – Road closure: Update

Residents and users of Church Lane will have seen the yellow notice board announcing the closure of the lane on September 4th from 8.00am to 6.00pm. We understand this relates to work being undertaken by OpenReach. This creates particular problems in that there is a wedding in the church that day and Dorset House School have an open day arranged. At the time of writing, efforts were being made to ask for a re-scheduling of the date – we will update you once we have any further news.

As a result of representations by Bury Parish Council, Father Peter and Dorset House, OpenReach have now announced that the road closure will take place A DAY EARLIER on September 3rd, in order to avoid clashing with both the wedding and Dorset House open day.

We now understand that the work being carried out by OpenReach in Church Lane on Thursday 3rd September involves the replacing of a telegraph pole. Consequently, anyone whose connection is to this pole with wires will lose their broadband service whilst the wires are transferred across. However, OpenReach advise that this should not take very long.