Bury Village Hall hirers

Last week in our Newsletter we explained that we were liaising with the current hirers of the village hall to establish whether they could continue with their activities in the light of the need for community centres and halls to close under the lockdown restrictions. However, the rules do permit our hall to remain open for the purposes of provision of childcare and for education – consequently the Cornflakes and Chillout Club can continue operating. This is also true of the Boathouse Ballet School which provides education in ballet to a curriculum which prepares children for a structured series of UCAS-approved exams and as a consequence is regarded as a school as opposed to a dance studio (which would not qualify for exemption).  So, we can at least continue to derive some income for the hall during the lockdown period and we hope to be welcoming back our other hirers in three weeks’ time.

As mentioned last week, Bury Green and Playground remains open but please follow the guidelines you will find on the entrance gate.