Bury Parish Council responds to A27 Arundel bypass consultation

As mentioned in our newsletter of 19th January, National Highways had commenced a series of publication events to provide more information about the proposals for the A27 Arundel Bypass and to seek views, ideas or local knowledge from the public to help shape the future of the scheme.

Bury Parish Council has now submitted its response which is reproduced here: –

“In response to the Statutory Consultation process for the proposed new Arundel bypass, Bury Parish Council would like to declare its support for this scheme.

Villages north of Arundel such as Bury will benefit greatly from the completion of this project. As the consultation brochure notes, current congestion around Arundel also leads to problems elsewhere on the wider network as road users seek alternative routes, using local rural roads that aren’t designed for large numbers of vehicles and are less safe. This ‘rat running’ affects the quality of life for residents in local towns and villages, causes disruption across the South Downs National Park and adds to a range of environmental issues.

The brochure promises that flows on the A29 north of Arundel will decrease by 2,800 vehicles per day as it travels through the South Downs National Park. This is of extreme importance to the residents of Bury, plagued as we are by speeding and anti-social road use on the A29 as it passes through our parish.  Clearly the residents of Watersfield, Coldwaltham, Hardham and Pulborough will also benefit.

The proposals will also mean a relief for our near neighbours of Storrington, Amberley and Houghton as ‘rat run’ traffic also uses the B2139 as an alternative route, creating an appalling blight on the lives of people in this area.”

BPC would encourage parishioners to submit an individual response (even if simply by copying and pasting the above) as it is important to encourage public comment even when there is broad agreement, otherwise the ‘silent majority’ may find the consultation leads to an unexpected conclusion.

The consultation period runs until 8th March 2022. For more information, please see here