BPC sets budget… and looks for a new councillor

Annual Budget
At the parish council meeting on 17th January, the annual budget for 2022/23 was finalised and agreed. A copy of the budget can be seen here.

Total expenditure for Bury Parish Council for the year was estimated to be £41,694. After allowing for Income received from various sources including grants, hall hire etc., the parish precept (i.e., the small portion of the total council tax collected by the district council that is then paid over to BPC) to cover the shortfall becomes £29,274. This represents a 5% increase from last year and keeps us in line with inflation (CPI). The actual amount per property will vary depending on the band rating but, for example, it will amount to £79.85 for a band D property. Full details will appear on your council tax bill for 2022/23 when issued by Chichester District Council.

Vacancy for Parish Councillor
There is currently a vacancy for one councillor on Bury Parish Council. A copy of the Vacancy Notice – which is being placed on the parish notice boards – can be seen here.