Anti-social driving/riding update

As a result of the deployment by Sussex Police of Operation Downsway, we have been able to enjoy many more peaceful weekends throughout the summer. However, last weekend was an exception – with a particularly noisy Sunday – and as a result, Bury Parish Council have been in direct contact concerning this with Jo Shiner, the Chief Constable of Sussex Police.

She has reassured us that there is significant work going on to address the short, medium and long term challenges of the anti-social behaviour of certain road users and that Sussex Police did have units out over the weekend, testing some new equipment which measures decibel levels (BPC have had reports of such roadside checks being carried out in Wisborough Green). This is just one of the fast time approaches that West Sussex Police have already purchased, and there are more coming.

There was a police presence in Bury on Sunday and an unmarked police motorcycle was seen apprehending speeding bikers on the A29 near Fontwell. However, as Jo Shiner has consistently said, her officers cannot be everywhere all of the time and they do have the whole of the county to cover whilst also working hard to keep our communities safe in every way, addressing Covid-19 issues, protests, assaults on the police and significant other demands – but she understands our frustration and has reinforced her commitment to the motorbike issue.